Welcome to Colorado Rafting!

We’re still in the headwaters phase of our website. Looking downstream, what we see is a comprehensive resource for Colorado Rafting—both the state and the river. But let me back up: I’m Mike. Along with my network of rafting friends—shout out goes to Brady, Danny, Spencer, Drew, James, Marissa, and Amelia—we have a ton of rafting knowledge between us. Some of it is closely guarded secrets about little-known spots that are only semi-safe, but mostly we want to help people have better rafting trips.

Nowadays, my favorite kind of rafting isn’t even whitewater so much as multi-day rafting trips that put an emphasis on survival, seclusion, and sightseeing. It’s all about what we can pack in the dry bags and under the bench seats. But I first feel in love with rafting when I was a kid, and my parents took me on the Moab Daily. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I must have been pretty young since it seemed like such a death-defying feat—rafting down the Colorado River.

And so, this seems like a good place to start the journey of building this website. Enjoy this photo from our last trip to Moab and a quick jaunt on the Colorado River: