How Climate Change Will Affect White Water Rafting

Whitewater rafting is an outdoor recreational activity that uses an inflatable raft to traverse a river or any other water body. This is usually undertaken on whitewater or in different degrees of rough waters. With the emerging effects of Global warming striking agriculture and glaciers in Colorado, it’s anticipated that the Glaciers will be decreased […]

Your Rafting Accounting Questions, Answered

Rafting is more of a lifestyle than a hobby. Some people reading this might be interested in how they can fit rafting into their lives financially, either through tax write-offs or getting a job within the field. We’ve answered your top three questions below.   Can you write off rafting trips?  In some cases, you’ll […]

More Popular Rivers for Rafting in Colorado

ANIMAS RIVER Relax and enjoy a different view of historic Durango, Colorado as you bounce through fun filled rapids like Smelter, Sawmill, Santa Rita and Pinball. Your guide will share history of the region and stories of local traditions. Lower Animas River rafting trips 2 hrs to full day. BLUE RIVER If you choose Blue […]

Rafting Near Colorado National Parks

Colorado is candy for your eyes: its unique landscape will keep you full and satisfied during and until your next Colorado whitewater rafting trip. Visit Mesa Verde National Park to see how part of mankind once lived: the remnants of the culture of Ancestral Puebloan people spark questions that will keep your mind teased while […]

Rafting the Arkansas River

The Arkansas is a one-two hour drive from Colorado Springs or the Summit County resort towns. It flows through Brown’s Canyon between Buena Vista and Salida and through the world-famous Royal Gorge by Canon City. Want spectacular whitewater rafting near Colorado Springs, Colorado? The Arkansas River is one of Colorado’s best class II to V […]

Rafting Near Boulder, Colorado

Need a great place to stay on your Colorado whitewater rafting vacation? Boulder, Colorado is your go-to spot for the best rafting adventures in the state! Famous for its popular university and progressive youth culture, Boulder, Colorado is also one of the state’s premier destinations for outdoor activities and whitewater rafting. The inspirational American Rockies […]

Rafting the Colorado River Central Section

Looking for world class whitewater rafting near Glenwood Springs, Colorado? The Colorado River Central Section offers some of Colorado’s best class III to IV rafting. Located in the heart of the American Rockies, the Colorado River Central Section boasts some of the best Colorado rafting trips. Rich in history and natural beauty, this Glenwood Springs […]

Our Favorite Off-Season Adventure

Rafting is a fast-paced, adrenaline-boosting, and high-stakes activity. Unfortunately, much of the sport relies on the weather and season; while it’s possible to spend a winter day out on the river, most of us prefer to stay away from the icy mess. However, we’re the type of people who need consistent adventure and excitement, and […]

One of Our Favorites: Yampa River

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains produce countless whitewater rafting trips that would take even the most adventurous rowers years to tick off their lists. However, the Yampa has something special that other rivers in the state can’t really offer. Most rivers in the Colorado Basin have been dammed or diverted. The Yampa, however, runs free—it is truly […]

What to Bring—Day Trip

A rafting trip only enjoyable if you arrive prepared for the day (or week) ahead. Accidentally leaving something at home, while permissible for hiking and biking trips, can make or break your day. Cold water, high speeds, and long trips necessitate a well-packed and planned outfit and drybag. Below, I have listed a few items […]