Our Favorite Off-Season Adventure

Rafting is a fast-paced, adrenaline-boosting, and high-stakes activity. Unfortunately, much of the sport relies on the weather and season; while it’s possible to spend a winter day out on the river, most of us prefer to stay away from the icy mess. However, we’re the type of people who need consistent adventure and excitement, and […]

One of Our Favorites: Yampa River

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains produce countless whitewater rafting trips that would take even the most adventurous rowers years to tick off their lists. However, the Yampa has something special that other rivers in the state can’t really offer. Most rivers in the Colorado Basin have been dammed or diverted. The Yampa, however, runs free—it is truly […]

What to Bring—Day Trip

A rafting trip only enjoyable if you arrive prepared for the day (or week) ahead. Accidentally leaving something at home, while permissible for hiking and biking trips, can make or break your day. Cold water, high speeds, and long trips necessitate a well-packed and planned outfit and drybag. Below, I have listed a few items […]

Raft Safety 101

When it comes to rafting, even the lowest-grade rapids can be a source of danger. Whether you prefer high-speed whitewater or a leisurely float down the Colorado River, new and veteran rafters must abide by a set of safety standards. Though not enforced by any institution or organization, it is in your best interest to […]

The Awesome Advantages of a Muti-Day Rafting Trip

As mentioned in my introduction to this website, I’ve come to favor the more rugged, multi-day rafting trips to the quick-and-easy day excursions. The shift was easy but unexpected—rafting is an all-consuming experience, and it is easy to lose yourself in the course of a day. It demands every ounce of your energy and attention; […]

Secrets of the Colorado River

We mentioned in our first post that we might be willing to share some of our secrets about the Colorado River. Admittedly, it’s not like we’re the only ones to have ever visited many of our favorite spots:  

Welcome to Colorado Rafting!

We’re still in the headwaters phase of our website. Looking downstream, what we see is a comprehensive resource for Colorado Rafting—both the state and the river. But let me back up: I’m Mike. Along with my network of rafting friends—shout out goes to Brady, Danny, Spencer, Drew, James, Marissa, and Amelia—we have a ton of […]