Rafting the Colorado River Central Section

Looking for world class whitewater rafting near Glenwood Springs, Colorado? The Colorado River Central Section offers some of Colorado’s best class III to IV rafting.

Located in the heart of the American Rockies, the Colorado River Central Section boasts some of the best Colorado rafting trips. Rich in history and natural beauty, this Glenwood Springs whitewater rafting river offers that adrenaline rush you’re looking for on your Rockies family vacation!

Colorado River Central Section: Great Colorado Rafting

The Central Section of the Colorado River offers an abundance of history, wildlife and whitewater. Here the Colorado River helps produce power to Denver and other nearby towns by pumping some of its water through the Shoshone Power Plant, turning turbines that produce electricity. The town of Glenwood Springs was one of the first towns in the country to be powered by water.

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As you traverse the whitewater of the Colorado River through Glenwood Canyon you will see remnants of the old mining villages and learn of the history of the area. Once out of the Canyon you will experience one of the great phenomena of the area – Glenwood Springs is known for its geothermal activity and its natural hot springs. Right here on the banks of the Colorado you will find ‘hot pots’ that you can stop at along your trip and enjoy!